5 Steps To Avoid Pitfalls in Hispanic Marketing

How to determine if the big brands’ approach to targeting Hispanics is right for your brand.

While it is beneficial for marketers to learn about the Hispanic marketing tactics that are working for big brands (as in this USA Today article), firms need to avoid the pitfalls of executing similar approaches (celebrities, dual-language ads) without having first gone through these 5 steps:

  1. Calculate the dollars that the brand stands to gain from a Hispanic initiative (or lose if not pursuing it) – click here to learn how
  2. Find out how the brand’s awareness and sell-through compares between Hispanics and the rest of its customers
  3. Define the Hispanic segment that mirrors the brands’ overall target market – age, income, attitudes
  4. Determine the level of engagement with American and Latino culture (language, food, music, values) for specific Hispanic segment chosen
  5. Understand how the brand’s positioning resonates with Hispanics: to what degree are their values aligned to the brand, are there gaps to be addressed, is education needed

Armed with this information, a brand can then look at its current general market approach and determine how to enhance it to best connect with Hispanics. It may lead to using a celebrity or dual language campaign, it may not.  It should involve testing, learning and scaling successful approaches.  And keeping the dollar business case front and center will ensure consistent and sustainable execution of the Hispanic initiative – a must if a brand wants to be successful.


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