Tailoring Mainstream Ads to Specific Segments

Here’s a good example on how to solve the paradox of presenting a brand consistently to all audiences while speaking to the unique needs of a new target audience.

Vichy Laboratoires, a L’Oréal company, advertised its Neovadiol GF anti-aging skin care products in the August 2011 issue of Mexico’s Selecciones magazine (Reader’s Digest). For reference, click here to see the print ad (spread with additional 3rd page).
Here is how Vichy solved the paradox:

  • Retained mainstream branding elements: model, tagline and claims.
  • Tested the product line on 30 Mexican women – it’s interesting that such a small test was enough to develop advertising claims.
  • Used a circular flag to call out efficacy on Mexican women in the mainstream spread.
  • Provided information in Spanish on a website with a Mexico URL address: (www.vichy.com.mx).
  • Purchased a 3rd page to expand on the targeted message for Mexican women:
    • Showed the range of Mexican women on which the product was tested.
    • Got a Mexican dermatologist to endorse the product, providing added local credibility to the consumer test.
    • Provided a local 800 number for Mexicans to get information that specifically applied to them.
    • Generated leads through phone instead of online, since the product’s target of older Mexican women would trust a personal conversation more than the impersonal facts of a website.

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